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To empower the exporters with all the relevant useful, concise information, we brought a path breaking B2B activity to enable the exporters to reap rich dividends 


India's share in Global Trade is as low as 0.6% primarily due to non-availability of right, critical business information at right time. This results in delays and frustration.

Out of the total exports of INS 142,000 crores for 1998-99, 22% of share (INS 31000 crores) is with USA.

To increase this share there is a need to provide timely Business info. Actual buyer details but also the competitors from other countries, trends in global trade, to meet head on with their counterparts in the world. has been lobbying with an Overseas company for a strategic tie up. is not looking at the future with any short term focus. This is due to reason that future growth for e-commerce application in international trading area is quite explosive.

We always strive our best to provide good products n emerging technologies. 

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